Play Deeeep.io

Deeeep is an exciting and really fun game. You are located in the deep ocean with other fish. Your goal is to collect as many points as you can. In the beginning you will be able to collect and eat plankton only but when you get bigger you can start looking for some bigger prey such as smaller fish. It is not hard as other io games and you can very easily grow up few levels.

Movement speed is pretty much same for every player but there is one very good thing that makes this game unique, speed boost. Speed boost allows you to make sudden attack so your prey cannot swim away. This boost is also commonly used for escaping from the large fish and it helps a lot, especially beginners. Playing is very simple and you will need only mouse to play it. With moving the cursor you move your fish and with left click you are using your speed boost or walking on the island. Yes, they are island and you can even walk on them. They are helpful for hiding and looking for easy prey as well. I recommend you to be patient and collect plankton even on the third or fourth level. Move a lot that will help you find small fish that can be attacked. If some fish is trying to catch you for a long time you can swim on the top of the ocean, jump out of water and you will successfully escape them.

If you are looking for easy game full with interesting competitors then you should definitely play Slain. It is very easy to play this game but more important is that this game has very unique story and way of playing. Play now and see are you good ocean hunter.